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With over 21 years experience, MATHCOUNTS is one of the most successful education partnerships involving volunteers, educators, industry sponsors, and students.

As a result of last year's workshop, a small MATHCOUNTS program was started within the Math Partnership Grant schools using Clarkson University students as coaches, and Clarkson University faculty as advisers/coordinators. The intention of this workshop is to encourage others to join this program.

After several months of coaching, participating schools select students to compete individually or as part of a team in one of the more than 500 written and oral competitions held nationwide and in U.S. schools overseas. Winners at the local level proceed to state competitions, and potentially to the national level. At all levels, MATHCOUNTS challenges students' math skills, develops their self-confidence and rewards them for their achievements.

The MATHCOUNTS program can be used to provide challenges for students and teachers alike. It gives a great opportunity for talented students to further develop their problem-solving and analytic skills. The idea of the workshop is to introduce new teachers to the program, provide some pointers on coaching your potential teams, and provide a rich resource of discussion problems. Teachers and Clarkson University students who have organized or coached teams during the 2005/6 season will also describe their experiences and help us to improve the program.

The workshop will also be used to develop plans for a local team, mathematical modeling and problem-solving contest for the schools in the Mathematics Partnership which would be coordinated through Clarkson. Clarkson science or engineering students would be used as mentors and coaches. The contest would culminate with a presentation day at Clarkson where teams would display their posters or computer presentations. This math fair would give some of our local schools and their students the opportunity to showcase their achievements and provide motivation for next years students to emulate them. For more information.