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Clarkson University offers flexible, full-time and part-time distance learning and online degree programs leading to the Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Engineering (ME) or Master of Science (MS).  Learn more about Clarkson's Graduate School and the many online programs that are available.


Similarly, Clarkson University’s Off Campus PhD program assists qualified, non-resident candidates to matriculate at Clarkson as doctoral degree candidates in the following disciplines. 

Bioscience & Biotechnology
Chemical Engineering
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Computer Science
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Engineering Science
Environmental Science & Engineering
Materials Science & Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

More about Clarkson's Off Campus PhD Program:

PhD research directly aligns with research needs of the student’s employer.

Students work closely with a research advisor from Clarkson and a co-advisor from the student’s employer. This off-campus co-advisor is expected to be a member of the dissertation committee. The relationship between the students’ employing organization and Clarkson University must conform to Clarkson's Conflict of Interest Policy.

The normal PhD requirements for the student’s department must be met. As with other PhD students, up to 30 credits with a grade of B or better can be transferred and used to meet the 90 credit hour degree requirements. There is a maximum of 9 credits of coursework offered through distance learning. It is conducted through direct contact and quality distance learning. The department will specify the period of time the student spends on campus (at the department) and the number of visits (each semester).

Students must have access to a reliable broadband connection, current operating system, headset, video player.

It is generally expected that the part-time off-campus students will pay full tuition. Any request for a tuition waiver for off-campus students must be approved by the Dean.


William Jemison

"The program is a great way for working professionals to pursue the Ph.D. and to advance their careers.   Our off-campus students who complete the program receive the same Ph.D. degree that we offer to our full-time residential students  - they take the same classes and have the same research requirements." 

"Balancing work and the pursuit of a Ph.D. is challenging so we encourage our off-campus students to pursue a Ph.D. research topic that is synergistic with their work.  I completed all of my graduate work while working full time so I understand the challenges and know it can be done!"

William D. Jemison, Ph.D.
Dean of the Wallace H. Coulter School of Engineering