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An Experience of a Lifetime

Rather than spending your last few days before Orientation at home, biting your nails, packing and repacking, attend a Pre-Orientation Trip! On the Clarkson University Outing Club (CUOC) Pre-Orientation Trips, our trained student leaders will guide you through the beautiful wilderness of the Adirondack Park in northern New York for four days and three nights. We have trips for every skill level and you are certain to make lifelong friends, learn about the Clarkson experience from upperclassmen, get a head start on the college experience, and even move into your residence hall room early! 

Each trip will consist of six new, incoming students and two upperclass student trip leaders. Rock climbing trips consist of six new, incoming students and three upperclass student trip leaders. Please note that trip assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis. Depending on who registers, you may sleep in a tent with people of the same gender or a different gender than your own. 

Students attending trips move into their rooms early on Monday, August 21st and arrive back to campus on Friday, August 25th in time for Orientation. We even provide a special orientation for your parents and family members when you arrive on the 21st so they do not need to make a separate trip to Clarkson. Each trip costs $190 which includes an on-campus picnic lunch for you and two family members, a free t-shirt to commemorate your trip, all transportation and food costs during the trip, a post-trip cookout exclusively for trip attendees, and extensive Wilderness First Responder training for your student trip leaders. Sign up for a trip by completing your checklist items on PeopleSoft. Login with your Clarkson username and password (same as your email) at

NOTE: Students who are a part of the Clarkson School or Honors Program are NOT eligible for these pre-orientations experiences due to their own Orientation trip taking place at the same time. 

Trip Options

Those wishing to go on a canoe trip must be able to swim.  Hiking trips require a pair of well-fitting, broken-in hiking or work boots with good support, as all participants will be carrying large backpacks.  All trips will be a primitive camping experience.  No special equipment is necessary, but anyone wishing to bring their own gear is highly encouraged to do so. Please note that trip assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis. Depending on who registers, you may sleep in a tent with people of the same gender or a different gender than your own. 

Difficult Hiking: Participant must have experience. Participant must be in good shape. Carrying heavy packs (35-50lbs) for 4-7 miles and day packs (10lbs) for 7-12 miles per day. Rough Terrain. 5-10 peaks.
Moderate Hiking: Participant should have some experience. Participant should be in good shape. Carrying heavy packs for 3-5 miles and day packs for 5-10 miles per day. Rough Terrain. 3-6 peaks. 
Easy Hiking: Participant doesn't need experience. Participant does not need to be in good shape. Carrying heavy packs for 2-4 miles and day packs for 3-7 miles per day. Moderate Terrain. 1-4 peaks. 
Difficult Canoeing: Participant must have experience. Participant must be in good shape. Canoeing 10-15 miles per day and carrying canoes 2-4 miles. Also, carrying heavy packs 2-4 miles.
Moderate Canoeing: Participant should have some experience. Participant should be in good shape. Canoeing 6-12 miles per day and carrying canoes .5-3 miles. Also, carrying heavy packs .5-3 miles.
Easy Canoeing: Participant doesn't need experience. Participant does not need to be in good shape. Canoeing 2-7 miles per day and carrying canoes up to .5 miles. Also, carrying heavy packs for .5 miles.
Moderate Climbing: Climbing trips are open to all students. However, those who have previously rock-climbed will be given priority.

Trip 1: The Search for the Seventh Carry 
Leaders: Emilee Carpenter, Carly Coughlin
Difficulty: Easy Canoeing
Day 1: We will put our boats into the fish hatchery off of Route 30. Heading through a few short portages and ending on Saint Regis Pond.
Day 2: We will have a few short carries and finish our day at the North Bay Lean To. 
Day 3: Paddle without a carry to Peter's Rock Lean To.
Day 4: Paddle from the lean to to the Keese Mill parking lot to be picked up and brought back to campus.
Description:  Get ready to start your Clarkson career with some sun, new friends, and four days of canoeing! Carly and Emilee, your two amazing trip leaders, will lead you through the ONLY primitive canoe area in the Adirondacks. Be prepared to learn some new games like canoe frisbee and paddleball, and keep your eyes peeled for the mysterious seventh carry. All skill levels are welcome. We hope you are as excited as we are! See you in August!

Trip 2: Saranac Seminar
Leaders: Shane McCaughey, Remington Little
Difficulty: Moderate Canoeing
Day 1: Paddle south to the end of Upper Saranac.  
Day 2: Do the Barlett Carry and then paddle across Middle Saranac.
Day 3: Paddle to campsite on Lower Saranac Lake then paddle for recreation around the lake.
Day 4: Paddle to exit location.
Description: A fun and scenic paddle through Upper, Middle, and Lower Saranac Lakes.

Trip 3:  Bears Can’t Paddle, But ____ Can 
Leaders: Sonja Gagen, Nicole Zaino
Difficulty: Difficult Canoeing
Day 1Jump start your morning with a quick jaunt through wilderness! Nicole and Sonja will lead you along the way and pick blueberries. We will canoe across Long Pond, practice our slang in Slang Pond, and hopefully find a turtle in Turtle Pond! Ideally we will find some turtles to show us the way to a sunken ship.
Day 2Howl across Hoel Pond in the morning and then waggle like ants carrying twice their body weight over to Polliwog Pond. Meander through Follensby Clear Pond and canoe through a river over to Upper Saranac Lake.
Day 3Nicole and Sonja will lead you like twin Sacagawea’s into Fish Creek Pond where we will embrace our inner child at the playground. We will then paddle through creeks and camp in Floodwood Pond.
Day 4Drift through Floodwood Pond early in the morning. Get ready for the most exciting bus ride back to Clarkson and prepare to make a loud splash as you begin your career at Clarkson!
DescriptionGet ready to defy convention and escape from the hustle and bustle of life! Join the two raddest chicks in CUOC to test your canoeing skills and shred gnar in the Adirondack Ponds. Expect many miles, laughs, and interesting facts. Hopefully we will hear some loons and snorkel with turtles to a sunken ship. There will be ample opportunities to work on your sunglass tan! We look forward to leading you into the wilderness and figuring out the answer to our trip name!

Trip 4: Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls
Leaders: Maria Nefeli Scaltsas, Cassie Wells Lumbrazo
Difficulty: Easy Hiking
Day 1: Hike in from the Garden to Johns Brook Lodge. Do a small hike or go Bushnell Falls
Day 2: We are going to hike one or two of the local mountains, Gothics and/or Armstrong.
Day 3: Do a sunrise hike up Big Slide, then spend the rest of the day swimming.
Day 4: Hike out to Noonmark Diner.
Description: The first day we will hike 4 miles with full packs to Johns Brook Lodge. This will be our base camp for the rest of the trip. We will unload our packs, set up camp, and then do a small hike to Bushnell Falls. We will come back to camp and teach you all some awesome backcountry cooking and baking skills. The next day we will challenge ourselves a bit to hike one of the local mountains with a great view. Don’t worry, we will keep a slow pace and get to relax in the sun on the summit. The next morning we will do a short and beautiful sunrise hike then spend the rest of the day rock hopping to swimming holes and finding a natural water slide in the woods. We will end our day eating all the food that’s left and get the lost calories back.On the last day, we will hike out to Noonmark Diner where we can eat pie until the bus comes to bring us back to Clarkson. This trip is very flexible and we can change it up to hike more or less depending on the group. All you need to do is bring some comfy hiking boots and a sense of humor. Get ready for some beautiful stargazing, good laughs, and a lot of uncomfortable moments with the two best chicks out there. P.S. We are totally chasing waterfalls.

Trip 5:  Without a Paddle
Leaders: Darby Coyne, David Altman
Difficulty: Moderate Hiking
Day 1Hike in to Marcy Dam, set up camp and then leave heavy packs behind to head up Phelps for dinner.
Day 2Pack up and leave early in the morning to hike through Avalanche Pass to Beaver lean-to to drop our packs and tag Iroquois. Hike back down and then head for Cliff Mt. and be back to camp for dinner.
Day 3Hike up Marshall and then out to Marcy Dam for the night.
Day 4An easy couple miles back to the ADK Loj for pick up.
DescriptionCome join us on an intense hike through the beautiful Adirondacks starting our hiking adventure in Marcy Dam. Be ready to wake up at dawn to eat and pack up to move around from one location to another to have dinner on top of a mountain, while also putting 4 of the best peaks under your belt and getting to see the awe inspiring cliffs of Avalanche Pass! (No paddling here!)

Trip 6: Be Boulder!
Leaders: Kayla Jurchak, Adriana Terleckyj
Difficulty: Moderate Hiking
Day 1: Pack out of Heart Lake and travel to Marcy Dam. Set up camp at the dam and sunset hike Phelps with light packs for the evening. Stargazing on Phelps and at Marcy Dam that night.
Day 2: Wake up at the crack of dawn to pack up camp and hike to the Avalanche pass lean-to. Set up camp before hiking Colden with Daypacks for a summit adventure. Return to lean-to that night. 
Day 3: Wake up bright and early for the most dramatic and rewarding day of the trip. Day hike Algonquin Mountain via Avalanche Pass for the final, and most beautiful peak of this expedition. This day will include a walk in between the cliffs of Avalanche Pass, a steep summit up Algonquin, and possibly even a swim in Lake Colden area if we're lucky! After all that fun we'll return to basecamp for the night.
Day 4: Pack up nice and early for an exit hike back to Heart Lake.
Description: Come join us and Be Bold on this scenic trip! We'll be climbing 3 of the most stunning high peaks the Adirondacks has to offer. We will adventure up and over Phelps, Colden, and Algonquin peaks for the views of a lifetime. Along the way, be prepared to visit mountainous streams, lakes, dams, and the dramatic cliffs of Avalanche Pass. Additional perks of this trip: stargazing, fine backcountry cooking, mountain top dinners, swimming, and a genuinely awesome time!

Trip 7: Marcy Mayhem 
Leaders: Bridgette Bousquet, Ryan Brown
Difficulty: Moderate Hiking
Day 1: From the ADK Loj we will hike past Marcy Dam, over hill and dale to the Feldspar Brook. Second breakfast and afternoon tea will be had, maybe.
Day 2: We will leave our full packs behind in search of Lake Tear of the Clouds - the origin of the mighty Hudson River! The next destination will be the mighty peak of Mount Marcy, the tallest of the ADK. Truly a mighty day deserving of extra dessert. The option of also hiking either Haystack, Skylight, or Gray will be open if there is interest.
Day 3: We will pack out of Feldspar and head for the stunning Lake Colden. Here we can stop for a well deserved swim and a relaxed lunch! An afternoon hike through Avalanche Pass will lead to the babbling Marcy Brook where we will turn in for our final slumber.
Day 4: From Marcy Brook we will have a jaunty hike back to the ADK Loj where we can kick back until pick up.
Description: Have you ever wondered where the origin of the Hudson River is? Have you ever thought it would be cool to conquer the tallest mountain in the ADKs? This moderate trip will not only be super fun, but also sound super duper cool when you tell everyone about it after!

Trip 8: Beauty and the Beast 
Leaders: Kaitlin Okun, Cole Oshiro-Leavitt
Difficulty: Moderate Hiking
Day 1: Hike from the ADK Loj to Uphill or Feldspar lean to, night hike up Redfield.
Day 2: Hike up Algonquin, Wright, Iroquois. Possible bushwack to Shepard's Tooth.
Day 3: Hike up Colden, spend the late afternoon swimming in Lake Colden.
Day 4: Hike out, swim in Heart Lake.
Description: First day, we're going to head deep into the Adirondack backcountry to the Feldspar lean to so we can set up camp, and possibly go for a sunset/star gazing hike up Cliff or Redfield. Day two, if you're in the mood for a challenge, we'll head up the MacIntyre Range which includes the second highest peak in New York State. Day three, we can head over Mt Colden for some of the best views in the High Peaks and enjoy some swimming before heading back to camp. On the last day, we will hike out to the Adirondack Loj where we started and swim in Heart Lake. The goal of this trip is to be flexible and have you guys pick your own adventure!

Trip 9: Giant Round Pond Roundabout 
Leaders: Michael Coelho, Tanner Burt
Difficulty: Moderate Hiking
Day 1: Hike into one of the camp sites near round pond. No hiking planned for this day, just hanging out by the campsite and swimming in round pond.
Day 2: Start early today and hike up Noonmark mountain in the morning, In the afternoon we will hike down route 73 to the Giant Washbowl campsite short off route 73. The group will set up camp here and sleep for the night.
Day 3: From the Giant Washbowl campsite the group will hike up Giant and possibly Rocky Peak Ridge if everybody feels good. After the hike we will return to the Giant Washbowl campsite for the final night.
Day 4: Hike out from the Giant Washbowl campsite to route 73 parking lot near chapel pond for pick-up. Possible pie eating.
Description: Moderate hiking trip near Chapel Pond. Trip will begin with a base camp near round pond and a quick hike up Noonmark mountain. The group will then move down the road to the Giant Washbowl campsite for the remainder of the trip. From the Washbowl campsite we will be able to hike up Giant Mountain and Rocky Peak Ridge. We will hike out of this campsite to out pick-up location on the fourth and final day.

Trip 10: Intro to GNAR 
Leaders: Kevin Gilrein, Brian Chrzan
Difficulty: Difficult Hiking
Day 1: Depart from Heart Lake and hike over the MacIntyre range to Uphill lean-to. Then night-hike Redfield under the stars if we want to.
Day 2: Wake up early and hike Cliff for sunrise. Hike Gray and Skylight with daypacks and hike over Marcy to Slant Rock lean-to.
Day 3: Hike Haystack, Basin and Saddleback and descend to Ore Bed Brook lean-to.
Day 4: Sorry, no more mountains. Just an easy hike out to the Noonmark diner for pickup to head back to Clarkson.
Description: This trip could potentially break Pre-Orientation records! Fear not, however, our route is extremely flexible. If we’re feeling sendy we can bag 11 high peaks! (maybe more if you guys are bonkers) Or, if you’re feeling more on the chill zen side, we can do this route with only 4 peaks. Basically, this trip is what we make it. We can go crazy or just chill out. We can watch the sunset, sunrise, stars, or all of the above from the top of mountains. Whatever happens, we will get some awesome views and have a super chill time in the mountains.

Trip 11: That is a Gneiss Boulder! 
Leaders: Mark Zibinski, Danylo Jaremzcuk, Casey Radomski
Difficulty: Moderate Climbing
Day 1: Setup camp and if time and morale permits climb at first lead slab.
Day 2: Wake up have a nice hearty breakfast and then go climb at Beer Walls.
Day 3: Go climbs those rocks at Jewels and Jems. Once again, this is amazing rock climbing spot that will surely make for an amazing day!
Day 4: Pack up our Base camp and walk down to the Chapel Pond Pull-in.
Description: So who is ready to spend the first week at Clarkson rock climbing with the Outing Club’s finest guys? Sounds like a deal to me!! You will be able to climb at some of the most iconic spots throughout the Adirondacks! We will be staying near Chapel Pond, so we will basically be car camping. Make sure you leave enough room in your bag for your sense of adventure, and get stoked to climb with the Top Rope Tough Guyz.

Trip 12: Who’s Keene on Climbing? 
Leaders: Adam P. Haskin, Nolan Huther, Kate Audino
Difficulty: Moderate Climbing
Day 1: Climb at a nearby crag, instruct basics of climbing. Jewels and Gems crag is the best option.
Day 2: Climb at a nearby crag- Lower Beer Walls if possible. More instructions on basics of climbing.
Day 3: Climb at a nearby crag - the Upper Beer Walls if possible, or the Creature Wall.
Day 4: Pack up the campsite and wait at the Chapel Pond pull in for pick up.
Description: Ever wanted to try rock climbing? Gone to a gym a few times? Maybe you're even a seasoned climber already? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should apply! We'll be doing some introductory level climbing in Chapel Pond Pass near Keene, NY, the most popular rock climbing destination in the Adirondacks, spending the nights at a centrally located campsite and hiking to the crags and climbing during the day. It'll be sure to be a fun time!

Trip FAQs

Meet Your Trip Leaders


Name: Emilee Carpenter
About me: Hey everyone, my name is Emilee. Not spelled Emily, Emille, Emilie, Emileeeeeeeee, get the point. I am a junior from Syracuse, NY, studying Chemical Engineering. I can't think of an outdoor activity that I don't enjoy, but my favorites are probably hiking and skiing! I also enjoy swimming, biking, and running (yes running, I know, it's weird). When I'm not outside, you'll probably find me in the kitchen because I love to cook! I love it here at Clarkson and being involved in CUOC has been one of the most rewarding experiences for me! I can't wait to share the wonders of the Adirondacks with you on an awesome pre-orientation trip!
Major: Chemical Engineering
Class year: 2019


Name: Carly Coughlin
About me: Hello there! My name is Carly and I am a spunky sophomore Biomolecular Science major! Im originally from the Boston area so I never got to do a lot of outdoorsy stuff before coming to Clarkson. I love to ski, hike, canoe, and do yoga! I'm stoked to be leading a pre-o trip this year and I hope you're ready for a great adventure. See you in August!
Major: Biomolecular Science
Class year: 2020


Name: Shane McCaughey
About me: Hey guys, I'm a junior majoring in computer engineer. When I'm not inside electrocuting myself, I spend my time whitewater kayaking, and canoeing in the summer. Hiking in the fall and backcountry skiing until there is no more snow. If you wanna have a fun time paddling around I'm your guy.
Major: Computer Engineering
Class Year: 2019


Name: Remington Little
About me: Hey folks! My name is Remington. I’m from South Jersey and am a Mechanical Engineer. The outdoors are pretty neat. I hunt, fish, canoe, ski, and occasionally hike. When I’m not doing any of those, I am either at a shooting competition or carving spoons. I am an Eagle Scout and am a certified Wilderness First Responder. I’m even one of CUOC’s fishing chairs. Canoeing is my favorite way to traverse wilderness and have canoed roughly 250 miles throughout the Northeast. I can’t think of a better way to start college than canoeing the ‘Dacks, canoe?? (read ‘can-you’) Joke creds – Mark Z
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Class Year: 2019


Name: Sonja Gagen
About me: Bonjour! My name is Sonja, and I am a senior studying Environmental Engineering. I love hiking, biking, SKIING, canoeing, and doing yoga! My second favorite outdoor activity is doing headstands on the top of mountains... maybe you'll witness me try a headstand in a canoe! ;) If you like learning miscellaneous ecology facts, paddling, and being greeted by strange sounds instead of words, then I will be the trip leader who brings the yin to your yang! Plus, I promise to fill your ears, mouths and bellies with wild edible plants! Don't worry, I'll show you berries before dandelion greens. Join me for an adventurous canoe in the wilderness! I hope we see some loons!
Major: Environmental Engineering
Class year: 2018


Name: Nicole Zaino
About me: Hello, I’m Nicole! I’m a senior Mechanical Engineer with a minor in Biomedical Engineering. I’m a bubbly hiker from Connecticut and spent my youth enjoying the outdoors with my family and Girl Scout troop. I enjoy hiking all seasons, canoeing, cycling, skiing, and sketching (but I’m not sketchy). In terms of qualifications, I am one of the CUOC canoe chairs and have a Wilderness First Aid (WFA) certification. So come join Sonja and me for the raddest canoeing trip through the depths of the Adirondacks!
Major: Mechanical engineering
Class Year: 2018


Name: Maria Nefeli Scaltsas
About me: There’s a lot of cool things about me that I want to share but I’ll give you the basics because I have to keep it short. I have two first names, and three homes. I am one of the few Psychology majors in Clarkson and I have no shame in that. I love hiking and swimming, but I’m always looking forward to going on new adventures and trying other outdoorsy activities. You will soon realize that the amount of food I eat exceeds my survival needs. I am Greek -it should be self explanatory. I hope I deliver the same experience I got on my Pre-O trip.
Major: Psychology
Class year: 2020


Name: Cassie Wells Lumbrazo
About me: Hello, my lovelies! My name is Cassie, I have two last names and double the energy to go with it. I am a senior from Middletown, NY currently studying Environmental Engineering and Applied Mathematics. Our entire trip is just a cover for me to play with other people's dogs. I am a backpacking, snowboarding, winter loving version of Rapunzel. Don't get me wrong though, there is nothing better than the summit of a mountain in the summer. I look forward to a few days in the woods with no showers and all smiles.
Major: Environmental Engineering and Applied Mathematics
Class year: 2018


Name: Darby Coyne
About me: I’m going to start with I am not sketchy and you should come on my trip, and that is it, bye.
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Class year: 2018


Name: David Altman
About me: My name is David Altman and I'm a first semester sophomore Mechanical Engineering major. I love the Adirondacks and have spent my entire life sailing, kayaking, canoeing and fishing all throughout them. My latest passion though, is hiking. I've gone hiking as often as I can the past two years, and am looking forward to taking you guys through some great Adirondack High Peaks. Come hike with us!
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Class year: 2020


Name: Kayla Jurchak
About me: Hello! My name is Kayla and I'm a senior Psychology major at here at Clarkson. My favorite outdoor activities include hiking, hiking, and more hiking! I really like any activity that gets me outside and adventuring, but my favorites are the ones that I can bring along my adventure puppy in training. I love the Adirondacks like home and am a bit of a backpacking gear junkie. Anyways, I'm the kind of person that smiles all the time and will laugh at your corny jokes, so get ready for a trip with lots of laughs, talk about dogs, and mountain fun!
Major: Psychology
Class year: 2018


Name: Adriana Terleckyj
About me: Salve amici! Hello friends! I am extraordinarily excited to be leading you into the wilderness. All my life I have been running through various forests across the country and can't wait for you to join my pack. The wilderness is my comfort zone; so, even if everything goes terribly wrong you will know that you are in good hands. I am a rising sophomore studying engineering, hopefully I will figure out what type by the time summer rolls around. When I am not pounding away at my homework I enjoy spending time outside, horseback riding, petting dogs, reading books about dragons, and fantasizing about being stranded in the wilderness far away from civilization, preferably someplace where I can befriend a wolf pack and become their leader.
Major: Engineering Studies
Year: 2020


Name: Bridgette Bousquet
About me: Hey guys! My name is Bridgette and I am a senior studying Engineering & Management from Massachusetts (and also kind of Vermont). I love to hike, XC ski, snowboard, (mediocrely) mountain bike, and eat too much chocolate. I also enjoy pretending I know how to do yoga, telling everyone all about my NOLS trip, having an excuse to not shower, and baking delicious treats on camp stoves. I am very excited to lead my final pre-o trip and can't wait to go on another adventure!
Major: Engineering & Management
Year: 2018


Name: Ryan Brown
About me: Hi ya folks! My name Ryan Brown. I’m from Highland, New York - a small town an hour north of NYC - where I was born in the back of an ambulance right next to the neighbor’s farm! Now that my fun fact is done, a little more about my outdoor adventuring: I love elegant walks through the woods and picnics in fluffy meadows of wildflowers, the sun lightly drifting through the sky… Haha, I know. Not what you were expecting huh? How about this: I’ve hiked all over the country - including the Grand Tetons, the Rockies, the White Mountains, Vermont gorges and cave systems, and Georgia - but my home base is in the infamous Shawangunk Mountains… and sometimes the Catskills if I’m not skiing there. I’m also an avid rock/ice climber and boulderist. I can’t wait to see all your happy faces hiking the Adirondacks with me! Toodles!
Major: Civil Engineering
Year: 2020


Name: Kaitlin Okun
About me: Hey friends! My name is Kaitlin and I'm a Bio pre-med from Buffalo, New York. Buffalo isn't very outdoorsy but I fell in love with the Adirondacks on my pre-o trip as a freshman! Since then, I've mostly been hiking/backpacking but I am open to trying anything CUOC does! I'm also a fan of canoeing and I am a trail mix enthusiast. I can't wait to show you my favorite place on earth and how cool CUOC is!
Major: Biology
Year: 2020


Name: Cole Oshiro-Leavitt
About me: My name is Cole Oshiro-Leavitt and I am a junior Mechanical Engineering student. Currently I'm on co-op in Vermont working for Husky Injection Molding. I live to wake up on powder days to get first chair and then brag about it to everyone. Same goes for groomer days, corn days, rock days, really any day when you can wake up with all your friends and go out and get rad. Some other relevant details: I am an Eagle Scout, I worked at a ski shop, I was a backcountry canoe guide in the North Maine Woods, I have my Wilderness First Responder, Red Cross Lifeguard, and an expired Maine Trek Leaders permit.
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Class Year: 2019


Name: Michael Coelho
About me: Hi! I’m Michael! I’m a senior Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering student here at Clarkson. I grew up in Pittsfield, MA hiking and exploring all the great trails in the region. I have been involved in scouting for years. I love to ski, stare at the stars, hike, climbing random things, and to explore nature. I may or may not have a very short attention span when it comes to hiking, but hey that usually means I will find something really cool! If you want to go on a fantastic trip where we will explore the beautiful Adirondacks and have a great time, then I’m the guy you want!
Major: Aeronautical/Mechanical Engineering
Class year: 2018


Name: Tanner Burt
About me: Hi all, My name is Tanner and I am a senior Civil Engineer who enjoys doing sports in his free time. I like all kinds of sports, but I especially like the ones that involve the outdoors. I particularly enjoy hiking because its fun and requires little thought on my part. This is my second pre-o trip, I am also an alumni of the Clarkson NOLS program and Wilderness First Responder Certified. So I am surprisingly certified to lead you on this awesome experience. In addition to hiking I like skiing (of all kinds), biking, swimming and running. I look forward to meeting all of you and giving you an awesome welcome to Clarkson.
Major: Civil Engineering
Class year: 2018


Name: Kevin Gilrein
About me: Hi friends! My name is Kevin, I am a junior Mechanical Engineering major. I am from Syracuse, NY. My favorite outdoor activities are downhill skiing and trail/downhill mountain biking. I am a tree-hugging, semi-vegetarian, ski bum wannabe who seeks to shred the ultimate gnar. I make it my mission to accomplish the insane, to turn bad ideas into epic outcomes, and hopefully get it on video. Don’t you worry though, that’s just my wild side. Aside from that, I am a level-headed, positive, fun-loving, kind-hearted soul who loves the outdoors. I have a solid amount of backcountry experience from my own weekend adventures as well as from a NOLS course I went on last summer. I love climbing an absurd number of mountains in a single day, and I hope I can get you to love it too! By the way, I am the best skier on the mountain.
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Class year: 2019


Name: Brian Chrzan
About me: I'm an upcoming senior with a Mechanical Engineering major and a Biomedical Engineering minor. When I'm outdoors, I love hiking, rock climbing, ultra trail running, and cross country skiing. It would be impossible to pick a favorite. I'm an Adirondack 46er, Wilderness First Responder, and National Outdoor Leadership School graduate so you will definitely be in good hands. I spend much of my time training for the Clarkson Nordic Ski and Cross Country Teams and when I have free time, I love to engage in rather heated rounds of board games with my friends. Also, I really enjoy riddles, especially when I'm hiking. I'm totally up for crushing tons of miles or taking it easy and cooking some mean backcountry dishes. It's entirely up to you!
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Class year: 2018


Name: Mark Zibinski
About me: Howdy, My name is Mark, and I am a senior Civil Engineering major. I do sports often and Civil Engineering in my free time. I like all the sports which include but are not limited to snowboarding, rock or ice climbing, cross country skiing, and hammocking. You will usually see me hiking every fifth weekend of each month (also known as NEVER). I joined the Outing Club after particanting in a Pre-O trip similar to these, and that is when I became heavily involved in rock climbing. So, are you ready to have a rockin’ time climbing and extreme hammocking?
Major: Civil Engineering
Class Year: 2018


Name: Danylo Jaremzcuk
About me: Whats up y’all… That’s right! I’m from Manhattan and I just said y’all… Nothing much you say? Well that’s all about to change because PRE-O Trips are right around the corner. Some people call me Dan, others Danylo, others Danyloupe the Cantaloupe! But mainly, people just stick with Dan the Man. Why, you might ask? Boy, do you have a lot of questions today! Well you’re just going to have to find out the hard way, ladies and gentlemen, because we’re going on a road trip. So pack your bags, bring yourselves, and meet me somewhere eventually! Oh yea my bio: rock/ice climb, park/backcountry ski, kayak/canoe, bike, and hiking. I guess I do just about everything outdoors.
Major: Aeronautical/Mechanical Engineering
Class year: 2018


Name: Casey Radomski
About me: Hello! I'm Casey, I started climbing when I came to Clarkson and have been climbing ever since! I climb anywhere from bouldering at Potsdam state to our spring break trip in Kentucky and any chance I get in between. Before coming to Clarkson I had never even seen a mountain and now I love just about anything outdoors, climbing, hiking, skiing, kayaking, biking, and yoga. I love the Adirondacks and I try to be out there whenever I can. Some random facts about myself are that I love space (the sky is so awesome!), water completely amazes me, and I am slowly developing a life back up plan of living in an environmentally friendly van/bus and traveling (taking ideas).
Major: Civil Engineering (minor in Environmental)
Year: 2019


Name: Adam P. Haskin
About me: Hey y'all, I'm Adam and I'm from Alabama. When I'm not wrestling hogs or eating some of Momma's good home cooking, odds are I'm enjoying me some of that great outdoors. I enjoy skiing, hiking, rock climbing, biking, and overclocking computers. We're going to have us one rootin' tootin' time on our rock climbing trip this year. Prepare for lots of laughs, good cooking, and expert knowledge on how to maneuver your way up a crag. See you in August! Roll Tide!
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Class year: 2018


Name: Nolan Huther
About me: Hello! I'm Nolan, Class of 2019, and a Mechanical Engineering major. I'm also the Secretary and Climbing Chair of the Outing Club. I'm a 46er, an avid cross country skier, but I mostly climb nowadays, from roadside crags to backcountry walls. My favorite jokes are calling non-canine animals "strange looking dogs" and pretending I can't see people wearing camouflage clothes.
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Year: 2019


Name: Kate Audino
About me: Hello! My name is Kate and I am a junior biology major from Rochester, NY. Since coming to Clarkson, I have spent a ton of time in the Adirondacks and have really come to love the place. Some facts about me are that 1. I really enjoy sports! More specifically, I love to go hiking, climbing, skiing, and back country hammocking. 2. Ecology and astronomy are so exciting to me that I could most definitely talk about them for hours. 3. I love to hear and tell corny jokes! I can’t wait to meet all of you and have a rocking time!
Major: Biology
Year: 2019

HOW TO APPLY: Sign-ups for pre-orientation trips happen from April 15 to July 15. Sign up for a trip by completing your checklist items on PeopleSoft. Login with your Clarkson username and password (same as your email) at  

CUOC Pre-Orientation Trip Travel Policy and Release, Consent, and Waiver Form

Have questions we didn't answer? Try our Trip FAQs. Still didn't find your answer? Email

Mini Orientations: A mini-orientation on Monday, August 21st is available for families of students who are participating in pre-orientation trips.  This session is held for your family’s convenience so two trips to Potsdam for Orientation events are not necessary. 

IMPORTANT: Due to the nature and location of many of these trips it is direly important that you bring any medication that you could possibly need on your trip. This is even more important to students with conditions such as asthma or allergies to bee stings. If you have ever needed an inhaler, BRING IT, if you have any reason to need an Epi-pen, BRING ATLEAST ONE, we cannot provide this type of medication. If for any reason you normally wear a medical alert bracelet due to drug allergies you MUST wear it the WHOLE trip. Please come prepared with all medications you could need, and inform your leader personally of any possible medical complications you may have.

Top 5 reasons to go on a pre-Orientation trip:
5) Get an awesome T-Shirt.
4) Move in early (get all the good stuff in the room).
3) Have fun in the ‘Dacks and get settled before work sets in.
2) Meet interesting people and make new friends even before classes start.
1) Become part of the coolest club on campus!