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Reynolds Observatory

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Clarkson's Reynolds Observatory is located on the grounds of the Potsdam Airport.  The observatory is home to a 12” f-10 Meade telescope and a Takahashi astrograph, both of which are mounted on an Astro-Physics 1600 GTO mount.  The observatory now has the capability of making photometric and spectroscopic measurements.

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Observatory Status: The observatory is operating in science only mode, and is therefore closed to the public until further notice. Scheduled public outreach events will be posted to the clarkson event calendar.

The Skies Of Winter

The most prominent constellation of winter is Orion.  Orion is the most recognizable constellation to most people.  Just under the eastern most belt star, Alnitak, is the Horsehead Nebula.  A photograph of this nebula, taken here at Clarkson, can be seen on the sidebar to the right.  In Orion's sword, lies the Orion nebula, which is visible to the naked eye and looks like a fuzzy star.  The Orion nebula is a star forming region close in space to Earth. 

Other things to look for this winter are the planets, Venus is making a nice show near the horizon just after sunset.

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Recent Events

Professor Joshua Thomas recently participated in Astronomy Night at Madison Elementary School in Massena, N.Y. After learning about astronomy through a fun presentation and hands-on demonstrations, the students who attended were energized and excited to learn more about science!

Prof. Thomas giving an astronomy presentation
Prof. Thomas giving his presentation to Madison Elementary school students.

Prof. Thomas showing a lunar demonstration to students
Prof. Thomas showing a hands-on presentation to help the students better understand lunar phases.


The 2016 Transit of Mecury across the Sun. This was the first test of the new telescope.

The new equipment.

Horsehead Nebula, Take with new equipment.

Supermoon Novemeber 2016, Image taken at Clarkson University.