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Meet Clarkson

Paul Northrop, MBA '11

Making Your Own Success

The task of finding a great job in our tough economy is undoubtedly kept many hardworking graduate students up at night over the last couple of years. But not Paul Northrop. The MBA student has been sleeping soundly for months, knowing that he already has a job lined up after graduation.

Paul will begin work just weeks after graduation as an SAP analyst at Tyco Electronics. However, it was last September when he learned about and applied for the Tyco job at Clarkson’s Career Fair, which brings over 100 employers to campus to meet and interview students for internships, co-ops and job opportunities.

Overall, the Career Fair presented a great opportunity for Paul to introduce himself to companies that he was interested in working for. “The push right from the beginning to hit the job market hard was really helpful, as was the help available through the Career Center and Dean’s Office to perfect my resume and cover letters,” he explains.

It’s no surprise Paul wowed employers like Tyco. In the classroom, he has excelled in the program’s key component – working in teams – with the help of his highly motivated and driven classmates. It’s an aspect Paul understands will play a major role in his professional life no matter which company he works for.

And when Paul isn’t in the graduate business student lab in Snell Hall collaborating with teammates, he can be found in the Clarkson Sports Car Club garage or at nearby Whiteface Mountain.

Why?  “The MBA program at Clarkson is really about how much effort you put into it, both academically and socially,” he explains. “I’ve worked really hard in the classroom and played really hard outside it, so I’ve had a great experience.”

With the Clarkson Sports Car Club, Paul has been working on fixing up an old BMW M3 with other car enthusiasts, mostly undergraduate students. “It’s a great way to relax, forget about business for awhile and just have fun,” he says. An avid skier, he also hits the slopes at Whiteface Mountain in Lake Placid, N.Y., host of the 1932 and 1980 Olympic Games. It also helps that his wallet isn’t too affected, since he gets a significant discount for being a Clarkson student.

Paul believes that having these types of experiences just improves his potential return on his investment in the MBA program. He says, “Clarkson already offered me the best financial aid package for graduate school, plus it had the smallest class sizes and allowed me to specialize in supply chain management, so it was an easy choice. Now that I already have a job, I know that it makes the year of hard work really worth every penny.”

Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Plattsburgh State University in 2010, Paul became interested in supply chain management during his junior year, but didn’t have time to start a dual major. He was able to fully pursue supply chain through the MBA program, including a two-week trip to Asia that focused on supply chain industry that took him to Taiwan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

“I can honestly say that I’ve learned more during this one year than I ever have before,” he concludes. “I will walk away from this program not only with a degree, but with an increased ability to succeed and a feeling of preparedness for the professional world. I’m very excited for what will come next.”