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Global Supply Chain Management

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What distinguishes Clarkson's nationally ranked Global Supply Chain Management (GCSM) program from those of other esteemed institutions is Clarkson's systems approach to this evolutionary field of study. This distinctive, multidisciplinary emphasis mirrors the intensive levels of integration that leading corporations recognize as vital to successful global supply chain management.


Motorcycles and Management

Assistant Professor Santosh Mahapatra (pictured right) is currently conducting research with Visiting Professor Paolo Barbieri (left), who is an assistant professor of management engineering at the Department of Management, University of Bologna, Italy. Their study examines the opportunities and challenges in managing buyer-supplier relationships in the high-end, innovative motorcycle industry in Italy.

Dr. Barbieri's primary research interests include Purchasing and Supply Chain Management and e-Procurements Systems. Since 2004, he has examined the buyer-supplier relationships in manufacturing industries in general, and the automotive industry in particular.

Clarkson's Global Supply Chain Management program is ranked #13 in U.S. News & World Report 2009.

Faculty Supply Chain Research

Economist Luciana Echazu builds quality assurance incentives into contracts in her new paper, "Quality and Information Asymmetries in the Supply Chain." READ MORE.

Mark Frascatore and Farzad Mahmoodi recently published a paper in the European Journal of Operational Research demonstrating how incentive contracts ultimately improve efficiency and profits of Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) firms and component suppliers within the supply chain. READ MORE.

Professors Mary Graham and Sandra Fisher teamed up as guest editors for the fall 2009 edition of Human Resource Management, bringing the "people factor" to supply chain management. READ MORE.

New faculty member Fred Miao's marketing studies are challenging traditional supply chain wisdom about "old dogs" learning "new tricks." READ MORE.

Santosh Mahapatra is currently engaged in examining the impacts of C-TPAT (Customs and Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) on supply chain performance. READ MORE