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The SafetyNet Form is Clarkson University's tool to assist in communication about students of concern.

The SafetyNet is designed for quick communication to student affairs support teams when concerns arise about a student. Our hope is to mobilize a response to concerns quickly and appropriately. Issues relating to academic performance can lead to discussions where there is reason to be concerned about causes related to their personal well-being might be:

  • student has missed several classes
  • student has informed you or asked for help dealing with issues in their life
  • mental health issue (grieving with the loss of a loved one, depression, anxiety, etc)
  • physical health issue (chronic medical problems, sleep disorders, eating-related issues, etc)
  • substance abuse issues (student admits to a substance abuse problem, appears intoxicated in class, etc)
  • issues relating to sexuality and/or gender
  • legal issues
  • safety issues (domestic violence issues, behaviors relating to excessive risk-taking, etc)

Although we know it's difficult in large lecture courses, we remind faculty that Clarkson University Regulations at state that Instructors are requested to report three consecutive absences to the Dean of Students' office in order to provide a minimal check on the physical and academic well-being of the student. Hopefully, this form is an easy mechanism to report prolonged absences.

If you have any questions/comments about this tool, please contact the Dean of Students Office at 315-268-6620.

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