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Student Projects for Engineering Experience & Design

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ASCE Concrete Canoe:

Here’s the problem:

You need to carry people and material over water in a canoe.
The only canoe-building material you have at hand is concrete.

As you work on a solution, you will:

-Learn the engineering skills to make incredible structures with concrete
-Work with other engineers and learn from a wide-ranging trials and stresses
-Paddle and get experience navigating lakes, ponds and rivers
-Be able to tell the difference between a fast, “tippy” boat and one that’s slow and stable

A practical application of engineering principles, the Concrete Canoe team draws on classroom instruction as well as important team- and project-management skills. Events challenge student knowledge, creativity and stamina, while showcasing the versatility and durability of concrete as a building material.

Clarkson's Concrete Canoe Team took their 2013 entry named "Excalibur" to the shores of Hundred Acre Pond in Mendon, N.Y.  Around 75 percent of the competition is based on engineering design and construction principles, a written report and oratory skills. The remainder is based on the performance of the canoe and the paddlers in six different races.

The Clarkson team placed 2nd overall in the canoe competition for 2013. It was their best finish in several years. Placing second in the “Design Paper” and second in “Final Product” carried the team to a strong finish.

Advisor: Sulapha Peethamparan