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Student Projects for Engineering Experience & Design

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Construction Management:

 Here’s your challenge:

A corporation needs to erect a new building.
Executives will outline the details, from the site’s terrain and how soon they need to be in their new space to the size and purpose of the building.
You need to put in the best bid.

 As you work on this, you will:

-Hone your skills in engineering and project analysis
-Learn to present a construction proposal
-Gain an in-depth understanding of construction practices and costs
-Develop the ability to work with — and lead — teams of student engineers, architects and construction personnel

 As part of the Construction Management competition, students are asked to submit a complete written proposal—a bid, essentially—for a real project being built by a sponsoring firm. The firm identifies its needs and working parameters and each team has 16 hours, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 midnight, to submit a comprehensive proposal that includes detailed cost analysis, work schedule, labor requirements and plans to complete construction on the building. Teams present their proposals to the sponsoring firm and the best bid wins the competition.

Advisor: Spencer Thew and Randy Pray