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Mandatory Summer Pre-Freshman Experience (SPREE)

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  • SPREE consists of a four-week summer program to assist students with the transition to post-secondary education on a residential campus at no cost -tuition, housing and meals are included.
  • Students may earn up to eight college credits through courses such as Pre-Calculus, Fundamentals of Business, Perspectives in Science and Technology, and Physics.
  • Students also attend field trips, activities, community events, and orient themselves to campus as part of acclimation to the Clarkson experience.

Financial Support:

  • Using a variety of resources, Clarkson’s Office of Financial Aid prepares aid packages for students in good standing for up to 10 semesters of fall and spring full-time attendance (no summer aid is available)

Comprehensive Academic and personal advising support:

  • Our qualified staff are dedicated to providing caring and helpful academic and personal support for students.  They are sensitive to the issues of underserved populations and the challenges HEOP students face throughout their college careers.  Experienced and  informed, the HEOP staff is available to guide, advocate, and assist students with academic guidance, career counseling, personal and social support in addition to referrals to other resources.

Individualized Tutoring Services:

  • Students are highly encouraged to access and utilize Clarkson’s  wide  range of resources for academic support .  In addition, HEOP students can request one-on-one tutoring for specific courses and every effort will be made to hire qualified tutors to meet these requests.

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