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Horizons I & II

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Horizons I (First Year) Applicants Must be Nominated by Their School
First year participants must be nominated by someone in their school using official nomination documents. For participating schools already on our data base, materials are mailed in January of each year.  Schools who wish to engage in the Horizons program for the first time should utilize the materials provided as downloads below. If you'd like to be included on the data base for future mailings, please fill out the school registration form below. For more information please contact the Horizons Program Director via

NOTE:  For Horizons I, no more than three applications (two from current seventh graders and one from a current eighth grader who has not previously participated in Horizons) are permitted to become candidates from any one school. Eighth grade first time nominees will be selected to fill available slots in Horizons I or II that may result from attrition.  Important:  Additional nominations beyond those permitted may result in all nominations being discredited.

Selection of Horizons II - Second Year/Returning Participants

While the school does not have to nominate the second year applicant, they will have to sign the application form to verify that the student is a member of their school and to assist with providing grade reports.

Priority for inclusion in Horizons II will be given to those candidates who participated in Horizons I the previous year and continue to qualify for the program. Materials will be mailed directly to these participants at their home provided the address from Horizons I remains valid. If the participant moves, she should submit a new address to the program before January of the year following her Horizons I participation.

While the Application form, Recommendation form and Code of Conduct form are the same for both Horizons I and II, the questions for the second year participant are based on her previous year’s participation. It is important that the returning applicant submit the responses to the correct page of questions.

Application Materials
Horizons I & II:

Horizons I Application
Horizons II Application
Horizons Questionnaire
Recommendation Form

Tuition Information for Horizons I and II

The annual tuition is $650 for both Horizons I and II and includes housing, food, all instructional materials, and costs for any field trips. Travel to and from the program is not included in the tuition.

No funds are required at the application stage, however, upon receipt of the letter of acceptance from Clarkson a $150 non-refundable deposit is immediately due to reserve the applicant's spot until the total tuition is paid. The $500 balance is required to arrive at Clarkson on or before May 26, 2017, to finalize the candidate's admission to the program. Unpaid spots are then given to waitlisted applicants.

EXCEPTION: Schools and agencies who indicate they are covering tuition for an accepted student should fill out the Vendor Payment Form (included in the acceptance packet) to arrange payment. If the school or agency is using a purchase order, they will not be required to meet the pre-program payment deadline and will be invoiced. They will need to submit a copy of the purchase order and the purchase order number with the Vendor Payment Form and by the deadline date of May 26, 2017.

Between June 2 -22, 2017, refunds of payments other than the deposit are possible after discussion and agreement with the Program Director providing an applicant is available from the waitlist pool to fill the spot.  No refunds will be made after June 23, 2017.

Program Dates for Summer 2017:

Horizons I & II
Week 1: July 16 - July 21
Week 2: July 23 - July 28