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Moving-Up Day, a spring tradition during which one class would symbolically move up to the next rank, was inaugurated at Clarkson in 1923. In 1929, a new organization was formed to recognize campus leaders by tapping them for membership at Moving-Up Day ceremonies. The organization was called Phalanx because the ancient definition of that word signified formation by ranks, and these chosen individuals ranked high in the affairs of campus. Since then, induction into that organization has become Clarkson's most significant formal recognition of campus leaders. In 1991, University Recognition Day became the official designation for the day on which academic departments offer awards to top students and Phalanx gives its commendable service and leadership awards and inducts its newest members.  This is just one of many Clarkson University traditions.   

The University Recognition Day was held this year on Sunday, April 15, 2013.  The Clarkson School would like to congratulate our students and alumni on their awards in 2013.  

Clarkson School Class of 2013, Alumni, and House Advisor Recipients:  

The Clarkson School Award - Sara Deschaine TCS '13 and Feroz Khalidi TCS '13

The Kristine M. Layn Endowed Memorial Scholarship - John Lindsay TCS '13 and Sanna Jaquith TCS '13

Dr. Carl Michel Award – Liberal Arts - Sarah Pisaniello TCS '13

The CUSA Outstanding Senator Award - John Lindsay TCS '13

The Residence Halls Scholars Award – Ormsby House, 2nd floor (Accepted by Brittany Snyder on behalf of the floor)

The Clarkson Student Marshal Award – Brianna Beltran TCS '10 (House Advisor)

Electrical & Computer Engineering William A. Dart Award – Joe Camilo TCS '10 and Colemann O’Malley TCS '10

Electrical & Computer Engineering John B. Russell Memorial Award – Louis Racette TCS '10

The Department of Biology Outstanding Leadership and Service Award – Awtum Brashear TCS '10

The Physics Department Outstanding Senior Award – Zachary Boak TCS '10

The Psychology Department Research Award – Louis Racette TCS '10

Environmental Science & Policy Leadership Award – Molly Ball TCS '11

The Vern Clute Memorial Academic Achievement Award – Vianca Mercado TCS '12

The Diversity Initiatives Award – Zach Kern TCS '11

The Commendable Leadership Award – Kyle Hancock TCS '11, Matt Kahabka TCS '11, and Domonique Powell (House Advisor)

The Commendable Service Award – Anh Tran TCS '12, John Lindsay TCS '13, and Amanda Calton TCS '10 (House Advisor)

Induction into Phalanx – Kyle Hancock TCS '11, Domonique Powell (House Advisor)