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Fall 2012 Alumni Updates

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Once again, during the fall 2012 semester we asked for Clarkson School alumni to verify their contact information and also provide a personal update for The Bridge.  All of the updates we received are listed below.  Contact Kathleen O'Leary (, Associate Director for Student Life, to provide a personal update.

Alumni Updates from Fall 2012

Timothy Wiltshire TCS '79 was in Potsdam in July 2012 for his 30th Reunion for Clarkson.  He visited former TCS staffers Dean Davis and Steve Yugartis (now mayor of Potsdam who graced them with his presence at our class dinner!).  He is still working for IBM in East Fishkill, New York after 30+ years - Senior Technical Staff Member in Semiconducter Manufacturing Engineering doing photo lithography.  

Adam Lepp TCS '81 continues to exhibit his skills as a computer tech, webmaster, and programmer to his diverse clientele in Columbus, Cincinnati, and other locales.  Please connect with him on LinkedIn, or via Facebook at

John Bonn TCS '82 is living in Scotland for the next couple years.  He is still trying to adjust to moving from Flagstaff, Arizona to Edinburgh - small town to big city, rice and beans to haggis with neeps and tatties, Gatorade to Irn-Bru.  

Karen (Reczek) Kreizman TCS '82 is married with one daughter.  She is currently consulting and contracting for the Federal Government full-time, after 25 years managing corporate information centers.  

Denise Pieczynski TCS '83 is a practicing dentist in Vero Beach, FL.  She is married to Jeffrey Brown with two children (Kellen - age 11, Kendra - age 9).  They have three Maine coon cats, a bearded dragon, and a king snake.  

Dan Stec TCS '87 completed hiking the 46 Adirondack High Peaks last year.  He also completed his ninth year as Queensbury Town Supervisor and was elected to serve in the New York State Assembly - representing the 114th Assembly District which includes all of Warren and Essex Counties and portions of Washington and Saratoga Counties.  

Marcy Withington TCS '87 now lives in Old Lyme, CT after spending 15 years in Manhattan with her two young daughters (Alexandra - age 7, Amanda - age 3) and works as the CFO of Mystic Seaport.  She stills does tons of skiing and ran the Philadelphia Marathon in November -- her 11th!

Lili Barouch TCS '88 is a cardiologist at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.  She said, "I spend the rest of my time raising my two amazing kids, Ariel (12) and Isaac (10), running, biking, swimming, and playing the violin."  

Tom Emerson TCS '88 is still a Principal Engineer at EBSCO Publishing where he works on their search engine, mainly on improving relevance and all things multilingual (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, and Arabic...just to name a few languages he worked on this year).  He celebrated his 20th wedding anniversary over the summer and his twin daughters are half way through their sophomore year in high school.  Tom gets to see Kim Shoen (TCS '88) every few weeks for dinner and laughs.  

Liana (Son) Suantak TCS '88 finished a PhD in Computer Engineering in 2004, and took off some time to have three girls, living in Germany and Japan for a few years, while her husband was flying F16s.  They finally settled back in Tucson.  Liana says, "I tried academia for a couple of years but am much happier working in the defense industry."  

Samantha Gerolimatos TCS '89 put up a fence to block out my neighbor this past year.  She says, "My neighbor was delighted and thanked me by delivering a box of chocolate and an awkward, obviously rehearsed speech.  I also baked a goodly number of cookies, changed jobs and enjoyed some camping and canoeing excursions."

Katherine Hamer TCS '89 is a partner in an intellectual property law firm and prepares patents on chemistry-related inventions.  She said, "I enjoy living in a small town in Washington state with my husband and 6 year old daughter." 

Spencer Segalla TCS '89 is an Associate Professor of History at the University of Tampa, writing about the politics of disaster response in North Africa.  He likes the work but nothing beats The Green, The Gold, and the Ugly.   

Sherry (Young) Massey TCS '90 completed a MS in Geographic Information Sciences from NW Missouri State U, and is the GIS coordinator and database administrator for Dickinson County, KS.  She is married, and in 2012 celebrated her 20th anniversary.  

Talicia Raggs '90 is a writer for network television.  Her last series being NYC22 airing last spring on CBS television, and Saving Grace before that, airing on TNT.  

Bruce Cheng TCS '91 is married with two children, living in Northern Virginia (Washington DC Metro).  The boys and the house keep him busy all the time now. He says, "Work is steady, being a government contractor in the IT Security Industry."  Connect with him on LinkedIn or Facebook.  

Eowyn (Simplot) Hewey '91 earned her BA from SUNY Potsdam in Mathematics after leaving the Bridging Year at Clarkson.  In 1995 she started working at Reynolds Metals in Massena, NY and continued with Alcoa after the merger in 2000.  She held positions from Supervisor to Superintendent in production departments and is currently a Human Resource Development and Systems Superintendent.  Through Alcoa's Tuition Assistance opportunity, Eowyn returned to Clarkson for her masters and graduated in 2006 from the EGOM program.  She said, " I am the proud mother of two busy children, Michael (10) and Rachel (6) and enjoy living in Northern New York, even though I'm still not used to the winters." 

Leif Steinhour TCS '91 got a dual BA in Math and Physics at Rice, spent two years running factories in Asia, and came back to design navigation equipment for divers and a rebreather.  Leif is currently building robots at the Advanced Light Source in Berkeley.  

Dawn-Marie Turner TCS '91 is the proud mother of two very handsome, intelligent, funny and loveable boys - Christopher is 10 and Rowen is 8.  She has been working at her family business, Hemmingford Aerospace in Hemmingford, Quebec, since 2008.  Dawn is her company's Human Resource Manager, and is working towards becoming the president when her mother retires.  They will be officially moving to Quebec in 2013, but her boys are already in a bilingual (French/English) school there.  She says, "I just turned 40, and life is good."

Rob Bramhall '92 says, "The Bramhall's are doing great in Atlanta."  Their three boys Jake, Connor and Nicholas are busy with school and activities including swimming, baseball, soccer, drums, and guitar practice.  Rob is busy doing Microsoft technology solutions and Chrissy just finished her first semester of nursing school.  They are off cruising through the Panama Canal for the holidays.

Abraham McAllister TCS '94 is still living near DC and running his wealth management practice.  He and his wife celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary this year.  They have an 8 year old, a 7 year old, and a 5 year old. 

Joel Geoghegan TCS '95 moved to Adelaide, Australia to manage a research laboratory focused on discovering the underlying genetic causes of cancer.  He has a wife, Nicole, and two boys Owen (age 7) and Liam (age 4). 

Jessica Labbe TCS '96 is still living in New Haven, CT, and working at the Yale University Art Gallery where they just completed a major renovation and expansion.  She says, "I hope that some Schoolies will visit and check it out!"

Kim (Learn) Driggs TCS '97 has been married for 11 years and has 3 kids ages 7, 5, and 3.  She works full time for Moog, outside of Buffalo, NY as a Cost Engineer.  In her "spare" time, she is working on her MBA. 

Meghan (McMullin) Elledge TCS '98 went on to MIT and graduated with a degree in Mathematics with Computer Science after her Clarkson School year.  She married in 2007 and they had a son in 2011.  She works for HP-Vertica as a QA Engineer and co-leads a troop of Junior Girl Scouts.  

Corrine (Ortmeyer) O'Leary TCS '98 got married in October 2007 and she and her husband Tim are expecting their first child in March.  She is currently working in Binghamton, NY, at Rockwell Collins as a software engineer working on helicopter simulators.  

Peter Oneppo '98 graduated from Quinnipiac University in 2002 with a BS in Computer Information Systems then earned my MBA from the Rady School of Management in 2008.  He currently resides in San Diego, CA and works for a small start-up company called Efficient Technology as a Senior Consultant working primarily with a product called ServiceNow.  

Zeke Vermillion TCS '98 got married in the fall of 2012 to Christina (Guarino) Vermillion.  They live in Brooklyn where he has a small technology law practice.  

Ali Boolani TCS '99 is now a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Georgia in the Kinesiology department.  

Nathan Landon TCS '99 decided to take a shot at a growing internationally renowned computer technology and computer security technologies firm called Digital Operatives.  He says, "Since making the decision, life has gotten very exciting, and very busy, and I've been loving every minute of it."

Kamentha Pillay TCS '99 is currently living in Chicago and welcomed a baby girl in September who joins two big brothers who are thrilled to have a baby sister. She is at home for a little while, but will be returning to work as an electrical engineer at a consulting firm in the spring.  Kamentha hopes everyone is well!

Maryna Gray TCS '00 would like to report that she is currently living in Seattle.  She is engaged to a great guy and looking forward to becoming step-mom to a funny, sharp 7 year old who might attend TCS someday!  Maryna says, "I also ran my first marathon this year and am looking forward to running many more."  

Elayna Mellas-Hulett TCS '00 started a new job at the University of Vermont in their Risk Management and Safety Office and married Josh Hulett in July.  

Kari (Rich) Ashmont TCS '01 graduated from Clarkson in 2006 and worked at Central Hudson Gas and Electric Corporation, in Poughkeepsie, NY for four years before returning to school.  She now lives in Arizona and is working on a PhD in Biomedical Engineering at Arizona State University.  

Jonathan Demers TCS '01 is currently a Maj (sel) in the United States Air Force working as a Program Manager.  He is stationed in the Middle East and his wife and daughter are living in Nashua, NH.  He received a BS in Marketing from Clarkson University in 2004 and his MSA from Central Michigan University in 2011. 

Kelly (Gaffney) Lasher TCS '01 married Jason Lasher (CU '02) in 2008 and is living in upstate New York after graduating from St. Lawrence and working for Lockheed Martin - Owego as a technical writer for H60 helicopters for over 6 years. She says, "During that time, I earned my MBA and moved on to start my own business doing what I love, which is owning/running a large horse boarding facility that now has nearly 40 horses on the premises, in addition to training and teaching riding lessons."  She has been in business and growing for over a year.  

Katrina Oshier TCS '01 lives in Pittsburgh and works at Accenture as a project manager.  She is recently engaged and is planning her wedding for February 2013.

Jon Blackwell '02 is currently the Oleo Chemistry Technical Leader/OE Specialist for Lonza Inc.'s Williamsport site.  They manufacture key ingredients for food emulsions, surfactants, and pool/spa products.  He has been married to his wife Erin now for five years and they have two boys, Zachariah and Isaac.  After he graduated from the Clarkson School in 2002, he finished my BS in Chemistry from Villanova and then completed his MS in Chemistry from Lehigh.  He says, "I am currently looking to go back for my MBA next year. "

Brian Lennon '02 transferred to Lehigh University to study CHemical Engineering and Economics, and has since worked in the steel and refractories industry. 

Stephanie (Light) Eames TCS '04 recently became Coordinator for the Long Trail School's International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, a first for the state of Vermont.  She is in her third year as a librarian at the school in Dorset and serves on several committees of the American Library Association.

Christine Labbate TCS '04 will be working in the Essex County District Attorney's office and an Assistant District Attorney after Christmas 2012.  

Kelly Whiting TCS '04 has been an IT Consultant for Cognizant Technology Solutions for the past two years on a local project in Denver, CO.  She recently purchased a home in Frisco, CO and has spent much of her free time thoroughly taking advantage of the great outdoors that Colorado has to offer - now skiing and snowboarding in the winter and water skiing and hiking in the summer.  

Bryn Currie TCS '05 graduated from Clarkson in 2008 with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and again in 2009 with a ME in Mechanical Engineering.  Now he is working for C&S Engineering in Syracuse, NY.  He says, "Attending the Clarkson School was the best decision of my college career followed by joining a Greek organization."  

Luke Netto II TCS '05 says, "It has been an eventful past year."  He and his wife graduated with their master's degree in May, were married in June, and moved to Colorado where he is pursuing a PhD in Telecommunications.  He even ran into a fellow Schoolie at the University of Colorado Boulder, Adam Rose (TCS '05), who is pursuing a PhD in Mathematics.  

Samantha Maki TCS '06 continued at Clarkson University after her Clarkson School year majoring in iE&M graduating in 2009.  She continued on in the Physical Therapy Doctoral program at Clarkson, completing the program in 2012.  She is now a licensed Physical Therapist working for a great company, Apple Physical Therapy, at their Yelm Clinic in Washington state.  

Alex Cadenas TCS '07  is currently a production planner for Johnson & Johnson in Los Angeles, CA.  In his role, he supports the Neutrogena brand by managing 6 production lines and 3 kettles.  In addition to being a production planner, he is a recruiter for their co-op program.  

Cathryn Luther-Lemmon TCS '07 is a law clerk at Whiteford, Taylor & Preston LLP in Washington, DC.

David Champoux TCS '08 is currently pursuing a doctorate degree in Transportation Engineering at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.  He expects to be there for 5 more years and then stay in academia to teach and perform research.  After graduating from Clarkson University in May 2011, he spent a year doing post bachelors research at the University of Florida. 

Ian Doolittle TCS '08 graduated from Clarkson University in 2011 and is currently working as an entry level consultant at IBM.  He moved down to Charlotte, North Carolina and is learning to love business travel.  

Jayson Hajek TCS '08 graduated with a bachelor's degree in Biology in 2011 from Clarkson and is currently in his second year of PhD studies at Clarkson under Dr. Jim Schulte.  

Thomas Fitzsimmons TCS '08 graduated from Clarkson University in 2011 and is currently a Computer Science Master's student at Clarkson and has accepted a full time position with IBM in Poughkeepsie, NY.  

Taranae Mahmoodi TCS '08 will be graduating with her Masters in Health Administration from Penn State in May 2013.  She will begin a one-year administrative fellowship in July at the Penn State Hershey Medical Center in Hershey, PA. 

Emily Stefano TCS '08 is currently in the Technical Rotation Program at Lexmark International working on a small workgroup color laser printer as a Mechanical Engineer. 

Joseph Camilo TCS '09 will graduate from Clarkson in May 2013 after four years with an Honors degree in Electrical Engineering.  He plans to continue on to graduate school (location currently undecided) and eventually earn his PhD.  

Jane Casey TCS '09 says, "The Clarkson School allowed me to jumpstart my ambition for my academic career."  She is currently attending Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in hopes to fulfill her aspirations of becoming an aquatic veterinarian.  

Crescent Islam TCS '10 is graduating this spring from the Clarkson University Bio-molecular Science Program and will continue on to graduate school to study Material Science and Engineering.  This summer he will be Clarkson's first scientist interning at GE Aviation.  

Robert LaCombe TCS '10 says, "The Clarkson School has given me the opportunity of a lifetime.  It gave me a head start in getting where I want to be in my life and now that I am five months away from graduating with a BS in Aeronautical Engineering, I wouldn't have it any other way."  

Clark Maine TCS '11 is currently attending St. Lawrence University and pursuing a degree in economics with a minor in French.  He says, "I use the skills I learned and the experiences I had during my time at the Clarkson School every day." 

Haley Swanson TCS '11 stayed at Clarkson after her year in the Clarkson School and is now majoring in Electrical Engineering and conducting research in biometrics. She hopes to further extend her education at Clarkson by receiving her master's degree.  

Makayla Anson TCS '12 is currently a sophomore in engineering and management at Clarkson and loves it.  She said, "I have a lot of opportunities coming up and I'm looking at taking on a full time summer job with the NYS Department of Transportation as an engineering inspector for experience." 

Sara Faduski TCS '12 is currently attending the University at Buffalo and will be graduating in 2014 with a bachelor's degree in social sciences and psychology. 

Danielle Faivus TCS '12 is currently still at Clarkson pursuing a degree in Biology with a minor in Cognitive Neuroscience and plans to attend medical school upon graduating in 2015.  She is also on the women's lacrosse team at Clarkson.

Anh Tran TCS '12 is currently a sophomore at Clarkson and is planning to transfer to pursue a Food Science major.