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Spring 2015 Alumni Updates

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We reached out to Clarkson School alumni in Spring 2015 to ask for contact information updates, as well as any personal updates they wanted to share.  All of the updates we received are listed below.  Contact Kathleen O'Leary (, Associate Director for Student Life and Alumni Relations, to provide a personal update.

Alumni Updates for Spring 2015

Jeffrey Fishman TCS ’83 recently joined US Band as Specialty Finance Technology Group Manager.  He and his partner live in Falls Church, VA, and they will celebrate 20 years together this February.

Lesley (Frank) Waters Dobis TCS ’83 happily reported that seven Clarkson graduates and current students joined her at her wedding this fall to Michael Dobis.  Those present included her daughter, Katherine Waters (’18), her niece, Sarah Bornstein (’18), her son, Garry Waters (’14), Meg Vanasse (TCS ’83, CU ’86), her son, Tommy Waters (’17), her sister, Marla (Frank) Bornstein (’84), and Jolene (Preiss) Miller (’87).

We received the sad news that Jeremy Hall TCS '88 passed away in February, 2015.  We were also informed that Jenn Cook TCS '88 passed away in 2014.  Please keep these TCS alumni and their families in your thoughts.

Andrew White TCS ’90 is headed to St. Louis.  Over the years, he started a Philly ISP and then moved to Honduras where, over 13 years, he worked as a SCUBA instructor, started a Honduran telephone company, and ran an electric power utility on the island of Utila.

Anna (Whalen) Seip TCS ’91 works as the editor at Messiah College in Grantham, PA.  She lives in Camp Hill, PA with her husband Jim, a sportswriter, and her mini-me daughter, Lila (8).  Her son, Marshall, is a freshman at Bloomsburg University, studying geology.  Anna shared that she looks back on her Schoolie year fondly, and even after 20+ years in publishing, she keeps her Clarkson year on her résumé just because she knows employers will ask about it, and because she loves talking about it!

Rob Bramhall TCS ’92 reports that he and his family have “moved to the beach after 22 years in Atlanta.”  His three boys, Jake, Connor, and Nicholas, are busy with school and activities, including swimming and baseball, and Jake is playing the clarinet in band.  Rob is still very busy doing Microsoft technology solutions and Chrissy finished nursing school and get a job at the hospital in Wilmington, NC.  They didn’t get to take any trips last year due to their big move, but they are enjoying living at the beach now, and plan to visit Orlando for spring break.

David Huang TCS '95 started his seventh year working for the CDC and was recently promoted to branch chief, overseeing a staff of 15 epidemiologists, biostatisticians, and programmers in Hyattsville, Maryland.  He also recently completed his sixth marathon, and he and his wife welcomed a beautiful daughter, Fidela, last October. 

Kristin (Wheeler) Cowell TCS ’98 got married to David in 2013 and they welcomed their first child in 2014.  Kristin is working on her educational Doctorate at Boston University and is in her 11th year of teaching chemistry.

Michelle Thomas TCS ’98 graduated from Clarkson University with her MBA in December 2014.  She earned a certificate in Global Supply Chain Management and a certificate in Six Sigma, and was inducted into the honors society Beta Gamma Sigma.  She currently works in Potsdam at Lavalle Transportation.

Ali Boolani TCS ’99 has come full circle, as he is now an Assistant  Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy and Department of Physicians Assistant at Clarkson University.  He does research in fatigue and has grants where he is testing anti-fatiguing products for several companies.

Raymond Berglund TCS '00 graduated from Clarkson in 2003 and joined GE, moving through Operations Management and Corporate Audit Staff programs before leading Finance in the Respiratory division of GE Healthcare.  In 2010, he moved to Memphis, TN to join Smith & Nephew, a medical device technology company, and after four years and a number of roles here, he is currently the Vice-President of Global Business Services.  He and his wife Jennifer continue to enjoy living in the South, appreciate its lack of winter, and are actively involved in many local organizations in the city of Memphis.

Sean Curtin TCS ’01 is currently the Vice President of Finance & CFO for Alice Hyde Medical Center in Malone, NY.  He is most proud of his family, which includes his wife Jessie and their children Lillian (9), Lucille (8), and Isabella (6).  Sean will be pursuing his MBA at Yale University this summer and shared that he is really excited to go back to school exactly 15 years after he started The Clarkson School program.

Colin S. McIntyre TCS ’02 shares that the connections he made at The Clarkson School influenced his decision to stay at Clarkson University, which ultimately put him on a successful career path.  He is grateful for the alumni network that benefited him at graduation and continues to do so today.  He recently made the decision to pursue a Master’s degree, and his first instinct was to look at Clarkson.

Thomas Church TCS ’02 was recently promoted to Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Stanford University.

Madeline Twiss TCS ’07 is back on campus and enrolled in Clarkson University’s Physician Assistant Studies program.

David Champoux, TCS ’08 graduated from Clarkson University with a B.S. in Civil Engineering in 2011.  After two internships in Transportation/Traffic Engineering, he attended the University of Massachusetts-Amherst for a Master’s of Science degree in Traffic/Transportation Engineering.  He decided to pursue his career and prepare for the Professional Engineering Licensure Exam by taking a job as a traffic engineer for a consulting firm in New Hampshire.  He currently works as a Traffic Engineer in Atlanta, GA, where his work includes designing, operating, and maintaining traffic signal control systems, performing traffic impact studies, and engaging in real-time traffic signal control management.

Gabriel Clandorf, TCS ‘08 completed his undergraduate degree at Cornell University, earning an independent major: Computer Science and Human Computer Interaction, in May 2014. He is now a web developer in Ithaca, and managing a masters student project team with a professor on campus.

James Cole TCS ’09 graduated in 2014 from SUNY College at Buffalo State with a B.A. in Music.  He is currently attending SUNY University at Buffalo as the top candidate pursuing a PhD in Music Theory.

Amanda Calton TCS ’10 graduated in 2013 from Clarkson University with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a minor in Law Studies.  She is currently in her second year at the Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University and also works part-time at a matrimonial law firm on Long Island.

Robert LaCombe TCS ’10 graduated from Clarkson University in 2013 with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering.  He is currently a Commissioning Engineer at Atlas Copco Comptec LLC, a custom turbo compressor company in Voorhessville, NY.  In his job, Robert commissions custom compressors all over the world.  In 2014, he visited 11 different countries and 23 states.  He is thankful for this opportunity to see the world while building a concrete foundation for his career.