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How will I know what financial aid I will be receiving to attend The Clarkson School?

The Clarkson School (TCS) will send the student two Financial Award Notifications for his/her evaluation. One will include federal aid and one will not.  Students who choose to remain enrolled in high school are ineligible for federal aid.  Also enclosed will be a Federal Aid Certification Form regarding the student’s decision on remaining enrolled in high school. Once the student decides which aid offer he/she is accepting, that notification and the Federal Aid Certification form must be signed and returned. The signed documents informs the Financial Aid Office that the student wants the funds offered and that he/she understands the terms and conditions of the various awards.

The deadline for TCS students to change their enrollment status as stated on the Federal Aid Certificaiton Regarding Enrollment in High School Form will be the day prior to the first day of class for the given academic year.

Scholarships and other grants awarded to students after the financial award letter has been processed may require further adjustment to the awards (i.e. the Achievement or Leadership Awards).