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Research Prototyping Laboratory

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The Research Prototyping Laboratory provides fabrication and repair services for faculty in support of graduate research projects and undergraduate class and laboratory support.  The lab consists of a full service machine shop and electronics shop.  It is staffed by two full time machinists, a senior laboratory technician, and the department supervisor.  Having an active program of technology acquisition keeps our capabilities in line with the needs of Clarkson’s research community.

 The machine shop is equipped with up to date CNC machines as well as manual machines.  Although our main focus is fabrication, we are also involved in design at all stages of a project.  From suggestions on material selection to ideas on how to fix problems along the way, we function as a technical/engineering advisory team.  This is as important to our customers as the fabrication that we do.  We also offer modern welding services and electronic/instrumentation services.

 A unique feature of this facility is that it is part of overhead for the university.  Therefore, there is no cost to the faculty member for services provided, other than tooling and materials.  This allows new faculty with limited funding the resources to establish a research program, and established faculty the freedom to develop new ideas.   To keep the work flow orderly we have a TSS Work Request Form that must be filled out prior to using our services.  Once this is done, the request is placed in the work queue and the job is assigned.  In most cases we are able to provide a completed project in two weeks. 

We have a strong customer oriented department.  As such we have been able to contribute to the success of projects that help keep Clarkson University in a leadership position.